I believe it is hardwired into the DNA of the human male species to have a love for the sharp and pointy tool that elevated us a few links on the food chain.

Hearts of War

“Love is a battlefield”

-Pat Benatar

In our search for love, our hearts go through “Hell and Back”.

There’s not a heart out there that escapes the slings and arrows of life.

Each cut, bruise and injury marks us deeply in some way and leaves us with wonderful scars.

These special pieces were created in my blacksmith shop using the four elements. Fire, Wind, Earth & Water…plus large caliber bullets. (Those are real bullet holes in the metal heart.)

These 5 hearts are available at my web site.  You can purchase them there and see other works of art by clicking the image below.



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Wine me and dine me.


“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.”


If you’d like to commission your very own hammer forged wine tool, you may contact me at 218-686-9164 or email me at

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