Leather Work

It might be based on my life experiences in the military and as a civilian contractor living with little to no support in the Middle East. But I’ve always had a hard and fast rule to always wear shoes you can run for your life in and of course, never be without some kind of cutting tool.

As I get older, I find my “go-to” every day carry is my SAK (Swiss Army Knife) and a light of some kind. I’ve finally got around to making myself a leather sheath for these two items. I’m not a fan of the pocket clip style of knife. For my life-style and work, a belted sheath knife is more practical and comfortable.

Leather Sheath For The SAK
Swiss Army Knife & rechargeable O-Light.
Yes! Or course there’s a compass on the sheath.

In my travels, I find most craftsmen and artists aren’t just skilled in their chosen craft or medium. They are also leather workers or wood workers as well.

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