The Underhammer Rifle.

My O.C.D. brain craves projects.

My blacksmith shop slows down in the winter so in 2019, I endeavored to have an inside project to satisfy my brain chemistry. In 2020 I chose the challenge to build an Hopkins & Allen Underhammer Rifle.

The Butt-stock is from a Remington 870 shotgun.

I bought the action from the Pecatonica Long Rifle Supply Company. The 36 inch long, 54 caliber barrel was ordered on “Cyber Monday” from the Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company.

The Stock for the rifle is a Remington 870 shotgun stock I found on ebay. It needed some surgical filing and TLC while sanding to match up to the Underhammer action.

54 Caliber Green Mountain Rifle Barrel.

The ramrod had to be custom made to fit this rifle. A drawback to these rifles is that the ramrods tend to be a little short due to the fact they don’t extend into the wooden stock of the rifles like other more common flintlock and percussion rifles. So to solve the issue, I just made it hang out the end a bit more. I have had no issues, and appreciate the extra length when field loading.


My old eyes love the pistol red dot optic. For that reason, I did not add any traditional buckhorn sights. Iron sights are still something that may be added in the future.

It was a fun and challenging project. I seriously doubt I’ll build another one. I’m too busy shooting this one.


Leather Work

It might be based on my life experiences in the military and as a civilian contractor living with little to no support in the Middle East. But I’ve always had a hard and fast rule to always wear shoes you can run for your life in and of course, never be without some kind of cutting tool.

As I get older, I find my “go-to” every day carry is my SAK (Swiss Army Knife) and a light of some kind. I’ve finally got around to making myself a leather sheath for these two items. I’m not a fan of the pocket clip style of knife. For my life-style and work, a belted sheath knife is more practical and comfortable.

Leather Sheath For The SAK
Swiss Army Knife & rechargeable O-Light.
Yes! Or course there’s a compass on the sheath.

In my travels, I find most craftsmen and artists aren’t just skilled in their chosen craft or medium. They are also leather workers or wood workers as well.