Practice, Practice, Practice.

The only way to get really good at something is by doing the thing you want to be good at.

And then prepare to fail epically at it. And fail a lot!

If you’re around other artist’s, craftsmen and creators you’ll quickly find that they all talk a lot more about their failures than their successes. I suppose it has something to do with the camaraderie that’s built by having something in common with your fellow creators. That one thing that we all have in common being…failure. Epic failure!

K.J. Eriksson Mora with Burlap handle.

Inspired by helping my good pal and professional Blade-smith Tony Roed teach “Knife Kit” classes, I get to learn more about the art of knife making.

Putting new handles on old blades I find at flea markets is my “cheaper” way to practice my “fit & finish” skills.

It’s a win even if the project doesn’t turn out 100% because it makes for another unique, usable knife in the kitchen drawer. And you can never have too many knives…right?