Giving Back.

“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the student to learn is like hammering on cold iron”

-Horace Mann

The ONLY way to really get GOOD at something.

Soak up every piece of information that you can, so you can be better at what you want to do.

If you are not prepared to wake up everyday, to in many ways, screw up having a “normal” life. If you’re not willing to turn down dates, skip hanging out with friends, skip happy hour and all these other distractions, then don’t do it.

If you want to be an artist, a creator or whatever it is you want to do, you have to just do it. You have to make it your life. 24/7 – 365.

It’s that simple. MAKE IT YOUR LIFE and then share what you have learned.

 Anyone who’s a genius at what they do or amazing at what they do has sacrificed a LARGE part of their social life, emotional life and mental health.

Honestly to reach that high level, and if you want it and do it right. It can be worth it.

You have to decide if you want that life or not.

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