Earn Your Patina

It’s only after you’ve made a few knives that you’ll understand why they cost a lot more than your average off the shelf blade.


I feel a good intro into knife making for the individual who wants to make knives is to get himself a Green River Knife Kit from Track of the Wolf.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could order some fancier knife scales.

Like I did for this green river knife here.


Now for the record, I’ve always been a Mora knife fan.

I suppose I’v been a mora fan ever since my interaction with Cody Lundin in 2004 before his exploits on the Discovery channels show Duel Survivor.


Back when he was just the Abo-Dude running the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona.


I carried that little mora for almost 3 years as a security contractor in the Middle East.  Much to the dismay of my pal Tom Moore who has proclaimed the mystical powers of his Green River knife that he’s named Ol-Butch.

You can read more about Tom’s favorite Green River Knife by clicking…………………The Legend of O’l Butch.

But with more primitive hunting and fishing experience under my belt in the Northern Woods of Minnesota,  I have to admit that I’ve come to favor the green river knife more for my everyday usage in the kitchen and the camp.


It’s true Tom Moore, aka Tomahawk, aka Pathfinder Tom, aka Whiskey Jack…I’m a convert!

My knife has earned its patina.


I’ll close with the infamous words about the Mora Knife spoken by the legendary bacon chaw-en, whiskey drink-en, piratical Tom Moore.

“I have to kinda chuckle at the knife kooks I read about online that ask silly questions like “How do I force a patina on my new Mora?”

– First of all – throw away the Mora, get a Green River and USE IT. Get off of your computers, get out into the woods, deserts, jungles and mountains. Split some wood, cut some meat (and a finger or two), build some fires, defend yourself, and simply USE the Knife!