Roman Nail Cross

cross2 crossmake crossmaking1 roman1

My steel crosses are made from solid pieces of  metal stock.  I hammer forge them into the Roman style nails that were used during the time of Christ.  I then heat one of the nails up to a very bright glowing orange heat and hammer the cold nail through the hot one to create this powerful looking cross.  I then add hammer marks to give the cross a textured old look to it.

I’ve been commissioned to make these for weddings, anniversaries, confirmations, graduations and memorials.  They are very powerful sculptures that stand out on a table top or shelf. I’m always proud to make these because I know they are being given to someone in a spirit of friendship, love and caring.

These are not Rail Road spikes.  My steel crosses stand between 10 & 12 inches tall.

If you are interested in something you see here or have an idea of your own, I can be contacted at or 218-686-9164.

2 thoughts on “Roman Nail Cross

    • Hello Max. Thanks for your interest in the Roman Nail Cross. I charge $145 for the cross. As far as delivery date. I have a few orders on the docket at the moment and would not begin work on this piece until the first part of Feb. Once again, thank you for your interest.

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