Wedding Ring From SilverSmack.

silver smack

People who see my wedding ring say it looks as if it’s been chomped by a mountain lion, mauled by a bear, dragged behind a monster truck, run over by a bulldozer, tumbled off a waterfall, shot by Dirty Harry, and kicked by Chuck Norris. And it has the scars to prove it.

This ring tells a story AND it kicks ass.

Being a metalsmith and custom jewelry maker, I’ve been asked by many people if I created my own wedding ring.  I have to say I did not.

The credit for that fabulous art work goes to the one and only artist named Jean at SilverSmack.

They have a wide assortment of hammered gold, silver, copper,& brass rings & custom wedding rings. Creating with gold, silver, copper, & brass is her passion. Custom made wedding ring sets and rings are her specialty.

The shipping time is quick and her customer service skills are incredible.

You can click HERE to go directly to her etsy store.

Flowers For The Bride.



For my wedding, (yes I just got hitched) I created the flowers for the brides maids to carry up and a special flower for my wonderful bride to carry up to the altar.  I put a knot in hers to signify “tying the knot.”

They made a big impression, so I’m sure I’ll be making a few more like these.

Exploring The World of Knife Making.


I’m surrounded by very talented knife makers in the “Northern Minnesota Metalsmiths” club.  They’re starting to influence me to hammer out some blades.  Here’s a little knife I made out of a horse shoe.

I must confess, it is very challenging to forge a blade.  Which is why it’s also addicting.

Whatever you craft, I encourage you to challenge yourself with something new.  Reach up for that next rung on the ladder and pull yourself up.  The view does get better with the effort.