In my travels, I have discovered, that the most interesting, captivating and extraordinary women I’ve encountered, have one thing in common.  They like the “uncommon” jewelry more than gold, silver and diamonds.  Gold and silver and other such “shiny” things may be nice to have and a bit easier to fetch a few dollars at a pawn shop.

However… These shiny things are common, generic and mundane.  They lack the personality and the unique characteristics of sculptured steel and copper that has been forged in fire.

These “uncommon” pieces of hammer forged steel are what turn heads and get people talking,  more so than gold, silver, diamonds and pearls.

I enjoy making rare, uncommon items that you can’t get at a “jewelry store” in the mall.

Contact me at olsonironworks@gmail.com or call 218-686-9164 if you are interested in an “Uncommon” piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

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