I was inspired to create this piece after meeting a wonderful couple at a friends
wedding in North Dakota.
I didn’t know anyone at the wedding other than
the groom.  I sat down next to a couple during the reception and struck up a
conversation.  Sometimes in life you just “click” with certain people and it’s
like they’re long lost members of your tribe.  Like old friends. Tim and
Kathy are a down to earth, sincere folks.  To say they’re “Good People” would be
an understatement.

I learned that some time ago Tim had gone for a
motorcycle ride and was later found along side the road unconscious with life
threatening injuries and the bike wrecked.  Tim was in a coma for over a week
and to this day doesn’t remember the accident or what caused it.  Tim is still
recovering from his injuries with the help of his incredible wife Kathy.  They
both have such a strong commitment to each other and a great out look on life
and how precious it is.
I was inspired to make this necklace to represent
their story.

The scarred & battered inner piece of metal represents
the survivor of this terrible motorcycle accident.  It symbolizes his strength
to survive against the odds and still be someone interesting and beautiful to
look at . . . even with a few new “dings and scratches.”

The metal heart
wrapped around and holding the battered and banged up metal represents his
wife.  She being the true strength holding the battered piece of metal.  I was
greatly inspired by her strength, determination and fierceness to stand by her

It was my pleasure to surprise them by sending this necklace to them.


In my travels, I have discovered, that the most interesting, captivating and extraordinary women I’ve encountered, have one thing in common.  They like the “uncommon” jewelry more than gold, silver and diamonds.  Gold and silver and other such “shiny” things may be nice to have and a bit easier to fetch a few dollars at a pawn shop.

However… These shiny things are common, generic and mundane.  They lack the personality and the unique characteristics of sculptured steel and copper that has been forged in fire.

These “uncommon” pieces of hammer forged steel are what turn heads and get people talking,  more so than gold, silver, diamonds and pearls.

I enjoy making rare, uncommon items that you can’t get at a “jewelry store” in the mall.

Contact me at or call 218-686-9164 if you are interested in an “Uncommon” piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone special.