Alien Bad Ass Bottle Openers


These hand forged bottle openers are based on the “Bio-Mechanical” creature from the ALIEN movies.
I created these sculptures with the intent of making them disturbingly beautiful.

They were forged while I was in a bad mood. So there’s a lot of anger hammered & twisted into them. They ain’t made for no sissy.
They’re heavy, rough to the touch, nasty and dangerous looking and created in a fire with anger and hate.

So maybe they are  cursed. Then maybe they’re just ment for someone who’s been through the ringer and has a story to tell that matches the twists, scars and hammer marks on this chunk of metal.
When you hold it in your hand you feel like punching someone in the face! (I don’t recommend you do that though…this is could severely injure someone)

You can purchase these Bottle Openers by clicking HERE.


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